Other people, beautiful places, important lessons, you name it, I have about everything…๐Ÿ˜

This weekend was by far one of the most interesting that I had… Not long time ago, my new friend, Shirley, told me about a trip that she’s going to and what fun it will be there. I thought it would be good to obey what she says and to attend this marvellous meeting myself.

So there we start out preparations on Friday morning. First, I start with some reading; I need to get my energy and inspiration for the day, right? Then I think that a sun bath and some D vitamin will do great for my body ๐Ÿ˜ Not after a long time, I realise that’s already late, so I hurry with packing, shower, getting things done, and letting my room neat. When I’m finally out the door Shirley tells me that we’ll go first for a quick walk in downtown. That’s a good news for me, I get to see something new๐Ÿ˜ Eventually, after going around for some minutes on the streets, we found a spot where we left the car and we assumed that 37 minutes should be enough. Why 37 and not 40 or 45 minutes?!? Don’t ask, I wouldn’t know the answer, it’s just what it happened. We’re heading toward the well known California Estate Capitol and follow every tic-tac of the clock while we’re waiting to get inside. Then we have an amazingly quick look at everything around and we say to ourselves that we should definitely come back one day when we have more time.


I will spare you with the details, but, I’m just saying, it’s worth going there and have some time to get to know more about California.

Our next stop is Old Sacramento. Beautiful place!! You have the feeling that you’re in 21st century no more, for the way buildings and things look like. At least, I had it. It’s like you are part of a cowboy movie somehow all of a sudden.โ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜„

At last, we actually start our long journey toward Albin, only 4 hours drive๐Ÿ˜ฌ It was worth it, though.

Arriving there, I didn’t do too much that evening since I was tired already, I just went to sleep. Next morning I woke up very thankful for my comfortable and warm sleeping bag!! (My roommate couldn’t sleep because of the cold, I heard.) Anyway, it looks like we’ll have a usual sabbath day, breakfast, service, lunch, and activities on the beach. A tiny detail changes my perception, though. Before going to the beach we’ll have a kayak ride. Oh, that will be a first time!๐Ÿ˜Š While we walk toward the water, we just see two girls totally wet…ouch! I don’t want my kayak turning upside down!! It’s still too cold for a bath!! I’m trying to let my fear away and keep myself optimistic and brave. Three nice guys are getting close and help my friend, another girl coming with us, and I to get safely in the kayak. Whew, we past the first test! I am the one sitting in front. A little nervous I start paddling and I’m surprised by such a peaceful and relaxing feeling!! It’s so good to float and admire silence, trees, green, water, birds, nature!! It’s not that scary anymore, I try to breath deeply every time and really enjoy the experience!โ˜บ๏ธ


After that, we spend some time on the beach, we have fun playing different games, we get to speak a little bit with others, we take pictures, we create connections and memories. Back at the camping site, while waiting for dinner to be ready we find ourselves in a circle standing in the middle of the road sharing stories and checking for funny things to say. We realise then that this day is not a regular one at all. We are maybe 12 people there, at the moment, and almost each of us come from a different country. We speak a bit about our background and we’re amazed with how things worked out for us to be together right now and right here. “Wow, you don’t see every day a white skin, blond hair, blue eyes, Romanian girl!!”, I hear a guy saying. And it totally works both ways; I don’t get to meet every day people from Mexico, US, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Columbia, Argentina, Salvador, Brazil, Bolivia, just like that!!๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

“The fire is ready!”, someone shouts. It’s getting pretty cold so I take all the clothes that I have with me, I grab a chair, and go to sit by “la fogata”. After talking, eating, and feeling a bit cold for about two-three hours, I go to my room, brush my teeth, and get ready to sleep any time. Suddenly, Shirley comes in and she tells me that games are about to start inside. Hmm….tough decision! Yet, why would I miss that? When will I have such an opportunity again? Obviously, I walk out of the room and go curios to see how other people have fun on a Saturday night. I’m welcomed by a party environment: there are lights and balloons everywhere, music plays, and people are cheering up their team members that are participating to the games. We all have a good time. At one point, there is a chocolate candy bag going around and, of course, I take one as well. Right then, I hear this 6 years old boy sitting next to me making himself clear, “No thanks, I’ve already brushed my teeth.” He was so cheerful when he said that!! I felt like receiving a punch in my face. I’ve brushed my teeth also, I’m the kind of person who cares about eating healthy and having control over my weight and so on…why then, finding myself in sort of a “holiday”, my daily discipline has to disappear?!? Why not practicing it no matter what?!? As a conclusion, I’m not so sure what made my weekend so special. Was it the variety of people that I’ve met, the new, beautiful places that I’ve seen, the friendly and nice persons that I’ve spent time with, the discipline lesson that a child gave me, the free lunch that I’ve got from a father who had already four kids to feed?!? Or maybe all of that!! I’m just grateful for everything and I feel blessed for having this experience!โ˜บ๏ธ


Oameni noi, locuri frumoase, lectii de viata, tot ceย vrei…๐Ÿ˜

Weekendul acesta a fost unul dintre cele mai interesante pe care le-am avut. Nu de mult, noua mea prietena, Shirley, mi-a spus despre o excursie ce va avea loc cu tinerii, la care a participat si anul trecut, si care i-a placut foarte mult. Fiind de curand in zona, m-am gandit ca ar fi bine sa ma alatur si eu grupului ei pentru a-mi face noi prieteni si a schimba un pic decorul.

Asadar vineri dimineata incep pregatirile. Incerc sa capat ceva energie si inspiratie pt ziua ce-mi sta in fata prin putina lectura. Imediat dupa, ma gandesc ca si vitamina D va avea o influenta buna asupra corpului meu asa ca ma avant in fata soarelui voioasa. ๐Ÿ˜ Nu dupa mult timp insa, imi dau seama ca deja e tarziu. Asadar, ma grabesc sa termin cat mai repede de impachetat lucrurile. Imi las ordine in camera si fac un dus rapid inainte de a iesi pe usa. Pe drum Shirley imi spune ca mai intai vom merge putin in centru orasului. Cu siguranta asta suna bine pt mine, abia vad si altceva!๐Ÿ˜ Gasim un loc de parcare, in cele din urma, dupa ce ne-am invartit cateva minute bune cautand, si ne luam 37 de minute pt plimbarea noastra. De ce 37 si nu 40, sau 45 de minute? Nu ma intreba ca n-as sti ce sa-ti raspund, pur si simplu asa s-a intamplat. Ne indreptam catre binecunoscuta cladire, Capitol, a Californiei si urmarim fiecare secunda ce trece odata ce asteptam sa intram. Ajunse inauntru, trecem in revista foarte pe scurt si rapid to ce se iveste in calea ochilor nostri si ajungem la aceeasi concluzie: cu siguranta ar trebui sa vizitam acest loc cand avem mai mult timp la dispozitie. Nu vreau sa insist pe detaliile acestui loc insa, ca o sugestie, iti propun sa-ti faci timp sa treci pe aici, cand ajungi prin California, pentru ca se merita, cu siguranta poti afla multe despre acest stat. ย Urmatoarea oprire este centrul vechi al orasului, sau Vechiul oras, daca vrei o traducere. Un loc frumos!! Te percepi dintr-o data ca luand parte la o calatorie in timp, undeva prin filmele cu cowboy, nicidecum in secolul 21.

In cele din urma incepem si calatoria noastra catre Albin. Nici mai mult nici mai putin de 4 ore de stat in masina, dar pot spune convinsa ca se merita!

Este deja seara tarziu cand ajungem si nu apuc sa fac altceva decat sa ma pregatesc de somn. A doua zi ma trezesc foarte incantata ca am avut sacul de dormit cu mine. (Am aflat ulterior de colega mea care nu s-a putut odihni prea bine din cauza frigului.) Se pare ca vom avea o zi de sabat cat de cat obisnuita: mic-dejun, program de inchinare, pranz si ceva activitati la plaja. Insa un amanunt face diferenta totusi. Inainte de a merge la plaja vom avea ocazia sa ne plimbam in canoe pe raul din apropiere. Ma incanta ideea, avand in vedere ca va fi pentru prima dataโ˜บ๏ธ In timp ce ne indreptam catre rau, deja vedem doua fete ude care nu au reusit sa plece fara sa faca o baie in apa nu foarte calda. Ouch! N-as vrea sa am parte de aceeasi experienta, este inca prea frig pentru o baie! Cu toate acestea incerc sa inlatur teama si sa-mi pastrez optimismul si curajul. Chiar atunci trei baieti isi termina calatoria pe apa si ne ajuta sa ne stabilim in siguranta si “pe uscat” in canoe. Asadar, am trecut de primele emotii cu bine๐Ÿ˜Š Inca mai persista cateva pentru ca sunt in fata, parca prea aproape de apa totusi. Insa incep sa vaslesc si sunt uimita de sentimentul fain care ma cuprinde. Totul pare atat de linistit si relaxant!! Este atat de placut sa plutesti deasupra apei, sa te bucuri de verdeata pomilor, de cantecul pasarilor, de linistea apei, de natura!! Nu mai mi se pare nimic infricosator ci pur si simplu respir adanc incercamd sa profit de fiecare minut.

Dupa aceasta minunata experienta, ajungem si la plaja. Petrecem un timp placut si acolo prin diversitatea activitatilor si prin ocazia pe care o avem de a comunica unii cu altii, de a ne cunoaste si a socializa. Bineinteles ca nu lipsesc nici pozele, astfel incat reusim sa cream amintiri frumoase. Intorcandu-ne in tabara, in timp ce asteptam ca cina sa fie gata, ne strangem intr-un cerc, in mijlocul drumului, si incepem sa impartasim tot felul de povesti si povestioare, glume si obiceiuri fiecare de pe unde suntem. Ne dam seama atunci ca de fapt aceasta zi nu este una obisnuita absolut deloc. Momentan suntem in jur de 12 persoane in cerc si fiecare venim dintr-o tara diferita. Povestim pe rand cate ceva despre noi si ramanem uimiti cum lucrurile s-au intamplat in asa fel incat noi sa putem fi acum si aici impreuna. “Wow, nu se intampla prea des sa intalnesti pur si simplu o romanca, o fata cu pielea deschisa, parul blond si ochii albastri!”, aud un baiat spunand. Si este absolut valabil si in dreptul meu; nu intalnesc la orice colt de strada oameni din Mexic, Statele Unite, Brazilia, Columbia, Argentina, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Republica Dominicana, Salvador, Bolivia. In niciun caz pe toti in acelasi timp si loc๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

“Focul este gata!”, striga cineva. Cum deja se face destul de rece afara merg si-mi iau toate hainele pe care le am cu mine, apuc un scaun si ma-ndrept catre foc. Duce ce mai povestim si acolo, mancam, si inghetam un pic, ma intorc in camera sa ma pregatesc de somn. Ma spal pe dinti si-mi propun sa nu mai pierd timpul cand Shirley intra si ma anunta ca incep jocurile intr-o sala. Hmm… nu voi fi prea mult in acest mediu, asa ca, bineinteles, aleg sa vad cum petrec oamenii o sambata seara. Sunt intampinata de lumini, baloane si muzica, oamenii s-au pregatit de petrecere!! Sunt formate doua echipe si fiecare dintre membrii fac galerie pentru cei care participa la jocuri. Se pare ca toata lumea se simte bine. La un moment dat, circula printre randuri o punga cu bomboane de ciocolata. Bineinteles, cand este in dreptul meu, servesc si eu una fara sa-mi fac prea multe procese de constiinta. Chiar atunci il aud pe acest copilas de 6 ani, care statea langa mine, “Nu, multumesc. M-am spalat deja pe dinti!” A spus-o intr-un mod atat de senin incat pur si simplu m-a dat pe spate!! Ce mama trebuie sa aiba, cat timp si ce educatie! Si eu ma spalasem pe dinti inainte, imi place sa cred ca sunt o persoana careia ii pasa de sanatatea si alimentatia mea, ca ma preocup sa nu fie prea mult sau prea tarziu, ca detin controlul asupra greutatii, pe scurt, ca sunt disciplinata. Si totusi, de ce acum, ca ma consider intr-un fel de vacanta, nu-mi pasa ca e ciocolata si e tarziu?!? De ce nu practic acea disciplina pe care prefer sa cred ca o am oriunde si oricand? In concluzie, nu stiu exact ce anume a facut weekendul meu sa fie unul special. A fost oare varietatea oamenilor pe care i-am cunoscut, locurile noi si frumoase pe care le-am vazut, persoanele prietenoase si amabile pe care le-am intalnit, lectia de disciplina pe care un baietel de 6 ani mi-a dat-o, pranzul pe care un tata a patru copii l-a platit pentru mine?!? Sau pote pur si simplu toate la un loc. Nu pot decat sa fiu recunoscatoare pentru tot si sa ma simt binecuvantata pentru aceasta experienta minunata de care am avut parte! โ˜บ๏ธ

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