Just one of those days…

Long day, ha? Tell me about it…I woke up at 4;30 a.m., I had to travelย for about two hours and then start working. It wasn’t really a big deal what I had to do, you might say, “That’s nothing, just cleaning the house.” Yet, when that house is so big that only vacuuming takes you approximately two to three hours, ‘nothing’ quickly changes into ‘quite something’ :))

Anyway, after seven hours and a half, I’m finally done and I’m heading home. Another two hours sitting in the car…but I don’t mind, I have good company. Living close to wise and smart people is such an honour for me! I actually have so much to learn from them. I just hope that my memory will be a helper and not an enemy for that. :))

So, after spending my beautiful weekend in the way you’ve read in my last article, and after such a long day…something else had to be done. And that was running! ๐Ÿ˜€ I know, I could have had an excuse to skip that part, and believe me, I would gladely have used it!! But you know how things work in this area, if we find an excuse once, it becomes so easy to get another one for the next time and so on…I can’t do that to myself! I like to believe that I am persistent and ambitious in good things, which is why I have to do it. I need to show to myself that I care about my health and my body, so I get dressed properly and I’m out. I don’t know how you feel about running, how much you love to run or not. I’m 100% sure, though, about how I feel when I am actually running, and that is not the best feeling that I can possible have, guaranteed!:)) I don’t like that much running. I don’t hate it either. I admit I like it more now, than I did in the beginning, like more than about two years ago, when I started. Sometimes it feels very hard doing it, but every time I feel wonderful after I finish it. ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s kind of hard to explain, but maybe you experienced the same feeling so it’s easy to understand, hopefully! ;))

Yet, going back to my story, there I am, killing myself up the hill…when this extraordinary view relaxes my eyes, my muscles, my entire body!!

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Then, I think about so many other reasons that make me feel good about running. I get to breathe fresh air, I get to enjoy the company of a sweet dear, competing with my speed (can you imagine that??):)) I get to be scared of a hidden, big rabbit that suddenly comes out of the grass, I have a quick look to a skunk searching for something between the weeds. I delight myself listening to the bird’s songs, I admire the lake, the boats, and the green hills. I try to connect myself with God and have some answers to certain things, I think about life. As you can see, I quite enjoy out here. ๐Ÿ™‚ Out of the blue, though, my peaceful time is interrupted by another runner. This one, nevertheless, it doesn’t look like a happy one for me. I see a bulldog coming towards me, as fast as a dog can run, and, suddenly, all my childhood’s nightmares come to my mind!! I remember all the dogs that I have ever dreamed about!! You cannot imagine the fear and the terrible feeling that I have!! Happily, before my heart crashes, the owner comes and shouts at me, “She’s friendly, she just wants to play!” Pff…that’s a good news, but, still, it’s scaring!!

You know the saying, “All’s well that ends well”, right? That was a perfect situation to believe it:) My final word, don’t give up doing things that are good for you, no matter what happens on the way! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ai avut o zi lunga si grea? Mie-mi spui?!? M-am trezit la 4:30am, am calatorit doua ore si apoi m-am apucat de treaba. N-am avut cine stie ce de facut; chiar ai putea spune, “Mare lucru, ai facut si tu curatenie.” Insa, cand vine vorba de o casa atat de mare, incat doar aspiratul dureaza doua-trei ore, atunci se vede o mica mare diferenta๐Ÿ˜

In orice caz, dupa vreo sapte ore si jumatate, reusesc sa termin si ma urc in masina pentru a petrece alte doua ore pe drumul de intoarcere catre casa. Nu ma deranjeaza, insa. Am o companie buna. Ma simt privilegiata sa ma aflu in preajma unor oameni atat de intelepti, am atatea lucruri de invatat!! Sper doar ca memoria sa-mi vina in ajutor, sa retin multe din lucrurile pe care le discutam, si sa nu-mi devina vrajmas, prin a uita totul.๐Ÿ˜„

Asadar, dupa weekendul frumos pe care l- relatat in ultimul articol si dupa ziua aceasta lunga care se apropia de sfarsit, imi mai ramanea un singur lucru de facut. Mai aveam de alergat!๐Ÿ˜ฌ Stiu, puteam gasi o scuza, mi-ar fi prins bine una pe de-o parte, insa nu am vrut. Probabil ca stii deja cum functioneaza lucrurile: e suficient sa gasesti o data, de doua ori cate o scuza ca urmatoarele vin si mai usor si tot asa…nu-mi pot face una ca asta! Imi place sa ma consider o persoana constiincioasa si perseverenta, chiar ambitioasa in lucrurile bune, asa ca trebuie sa o fac si pe asta. Trebuie sa-mi dovedesc ca-mi pasa de sanatatea si organismul meu, asa ca ma pregatesc de sport si ma-ndrept catre usa. Nu stiu cat de mult iti place tie sa alergi si ce anume gandesti despre acest exercitiu. Stiu, insa, ca am experimentat sentimente si stari mai bune decat in momentele in care alerg๐Ÿ˜ Nu-mi place foarte mult sa alerg dar nici nu-mi displace total. Recunosc chiar ca imi place mai mult acum, decat la inceput, in urma cu vreo doi ani, cand m-am apucat de alergat. Desi mi se pare lucru greu, de fiecare data, dupa ce termin de alergat, ma simt minunat! Poate ca e mai greu de a ma face clara si inteleasa, dar, daca si tu imi impartasesti sentimentele, sigur nu-ti vine greu sa ma intelegi.๐Ÿ˜œ

Totusi, intorcandu-ma la povestioara mea, iata-ma la deal, incercand din rasputeri sa nu ma opresc, ci sa continui sa alerg pana ajung in varf. Mi se pare ucigator! Curand insa, acest peisaj extraordinar relaxeaza tensiunea creata. Ochii, muschii, tot corpul pare a profita din plin de aceasta oaza. Imediat, gasesc atat de multe motive ย care sa ma convinga de faptul ca alergatul imi prinde bine! Respir aer curat, ma iau la intrecere cu o caprioara (daca-ti poti imagina una ca asta๐Ÿ˜„), un iepure cu urechi mari ma ia prin surprindere. Zaresc un sconcs cautand de zor ceva prin iarba, ma delectez cu trilul vesel al pasarilor, admir lacul, barcile, dealurile acoperite cu iarba de un verde proaspat si copacii de pretutindeni. Incerc sa ma conectez cu cerul si sa gasesc niste raspunsuri. Ma gandesc la viata in general. Dupa cum bine poti observa, imi place, am un timp placut in ciuda efortului pe care trebuie sa-l depun cand alerg pe deal. Insa linistea mea dispare cand, deodata, vad cum un alt alergator se indreapta cu viteza catre mine. Nu imi pare a fi foarte bine dispus…cand vad cum un buldog se repede in directia mea, toate cosmarurile mele cu caini din copilarie, prind viata si-mi revin in minte!! Nu-ti poti imagina prin ce frica si teroare trec!! Din fericire, inainte ca inima sa-mi cedeze, stapana cainelui se arata zambitoare si striga catre mine, “Nu-ti fie frica, nu-ti face nimic. E prietenoasa, vrea doar sa se joace!” Hmm…cam tarziu sa nu-mi fie frica, insa e incurajator ca pot fi in siguranta alaturi de un asa caine.

Vorba aceea, “Totul e bine cand se termina cu bine.” Am avut exemplul perfect pentru a ajunge sa o si cred๐Ÿ˜Š Ideea e sa nu renunti la a face lucrurile care-ti sunt benefice, orice ai intampina pe traseu! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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