Just another day…or not😊

Today I had that kind of relaxing, lazy days when I wake up just to fall asleep again😄

I had to change rooms for two nights and I discovered in the morning that I can sleep later than 6am. I woke up around 7, thought it’s still early, so I tried to sleep some more. Next time I checked the time it was 9 already but still dark in the room. I was surprised. Yet, I decided it’s enough for one night, so I woke up. I was happy to read my messages from the people that I’ve greeted the night before, it feels good to keep in touch.😊                                  After my morning routine the phone rang and I spent the next half an hour talking with a good friend. When the conversation was finished, I started thinking about my life and others’ (people that I care about), and somehow my mood changed. There are so many unknowns in life and things we cannot explain!! I got up, though, and prepared myself a yummy, healthy breakfast with avocado and tomatoes, just perfect!!

Did I tell you that at the moment I’m living with a family whose house is on the beach? Oh, it’s so lovely to hear the ocean’s sound and feel the smell. The best way of saying it might be that I’m in love. I’m in love with the beach😍 So, I decided to breathe the ocean’s breeze more. I made myself comfortable and just stood in the sun, with few exceptions, almost all day long. I listened to some of my favourite speakers and my heart felt encouraged. I was reminded that I’m not alone and that I’ll never ever be alone. I also talked a little with another good friend who always has a good word for me. I checked with my family and I made sure that the physical distance won’t create an emotional one. Of course, I fell asleep a couple of times and only the very hot sun would wake me up to remind me that I really should change sides😁

When I finally got tired of staying in the sun, I went inside the house and watched some photos of the family that I’m at. So nice to see how happy some people are, it gives you hope that happiness is an affordable thing that others can obtain too.

I leave the house for a walk on the beach and enjoy the sight of a beautiful sunset. I watch how people play with their dogs, how children have fun with the waves, how babies experience the sand for the first time maybe, and I am happy for every single smile that I see on others’faces. Before reaching house again I go to the store. I ran out of milk. I remember that I don’t have the card with me and it’s pretty funny thing. Every time I buy something they ask me if I have a card and since I don’t, of course, the next question is if I want to make one. I then have to explain that I don’t necessary need it, because I’m visiting and who knows when will I be shopping in their store again. This happend so many times…but, I cannot explain why, I accepted for this particular store to make a card. Now, though, I don’t have it with me. Not that I lose too much, last time my saving was a dollar, so…😄 Anyway, long story short, when I had to pay and I was asked if I had a card, I said “Yes, but not with me.” Surprisingly, the guy scanned a card and I had a bigger discount this time. I basically had a muffin and a peach for free!! Isn’t it that nice?!?😍

Yeah…so not just another day, there is no such a thing. Every day is unique and has something for you in store, even as little as a muffin. We are not alone in this world and we better open our eyes to see the small things and be joyful!😉

By the way, I found a rose on the beach😁


P.S. This all happened on Saturday.

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