Our school – a different kind of presentation!

Here is Ndaki!


He’s such a funny boy, young man already!! He pushes your limits and tries your patience as much as possible, BUT, he also makes you laugh, he makes others laugh, and he’s absolutely able to improve one’s day! 😊 He has the most curious questions ever! If I’m not mistaken, he’s about 16, so you may literally think about anything!! πŸ˜„

He has a great teacher at the moment, and probably she’ll continue teaching him until he finishes, but what about his younger friends? They live together at the hostel and I know for sure that when a volunteer leaves the school they wonder, “Who’s going to teach us after?”Β I’ve heard so many times, when I had to tell them goodbye, this question…


He is Makama!


He’s the oldest student in our school and one of the smartest. Even though he comes from an alcoholic family, it seems that he got his father’s intelligence. He’d like to do better in life than his father, to use his intelligence in a smarter way than becoming a drunker. Last time when I heard him talking about goals, he said he’d like to become a singer (he has a beautiful voice). He still needs guidance for that, of course, he’s only a teenager.




After having him in my class for a year or two, next time I would go to Namibia my greatest fear was to have him as a student again. I was so wrong!! He was, actually, in my class every single time for the 5 years that I’ve been there. But, I descovered that behind his disrespectful behaviour stands a cry for love and appreciation. He’s an orphan and he’s at that age when kids are difficult. So, given the right amount of love and encouragement, he shows an attitude that you cannot but enjoy!! He is one of the most helpful kids in school, and one who surprises you with his manners.πŸ˜‰


Meet Taimo!


He is one of a kind, indeed!! In spite the fact he’s disabled (polio), he became such a strong guy!! He plays football and runs with his hands!! Even when it happens to fall, he creates a moment of laughter out of it, and it doesn’t let this thing to affect him…He’s afraid of his father, he doesn’t have a mother, and I wonder, who taught him how to handle his situation, this life?




One of the prettiest girls that I know! Talking to her mother I found out how big this young lady dreams. She wants to record a CD and visit Romania, the country where most of her teachers came from. Isn’t it that lovely?!? 😍




I don’t know about you but when a child tells me that I am more than a mother to him I get emotional. I had this sort of surprise one afternoon, I think, when I was reading through a note from Namasiku. Just because I took some time to answer her question, or share some stories, or just give her a piece of advice, I became so important and close to her. She’s a wonderful girl who wants to do what is right, and who likes spending time asking you questions, sharing stories, Β talking and talking endlessly…😁

Maybe that’s enough for one time… I kind of start missing them more and more, and I thought to share with you about my second home and the people over there.

To be continued…😊

P.S. Not only Makama has a great voice, most of them sing amazing!! Maybe I’ll convince you once with a song.πŸ˜‰

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