Enjoy the hugs; be aware though, He’s constantly carrying you! 🙂

It was one of those rainy, but lovely, lazy Sundays. We were gathered around a table. Who’s “we”? Some friends and I. “What were you doing there?”, you might ask. Well, we were playing rummy. We were also waiting for the pizza which we’ve ordered before, and we  have just decided what movie we will watch. We planned to start afterwards our journey back home; it was about 2-3 hours drive because of the traffic. Next week I’d be on vacation so I didn’t worry too much, I knew I would have plenty of time to rest. Pizza arrived, everyone found a comfortable seat, and we all gathered this time around the screen. It was too much violence in that movie for my mood, so I left them watching and I went to wash the dishes. I also prepared a yummy tea with a lot of lemon!! Then I received a phone call; a phone call that changed my mood completely…

I was told that I needed my passport for this next vacation because someone has included me in her plans. I was about to visit Israel for a week starting with the very next Tuesday! Well, that was quite a news!! Obviously I got very excited, at first. But then, I started worrying about how will I be able to prepare everything. I was supposed to go for a medical check in Campina next morning; I was in Brasov at the moment, and I had to travel for another 300 km or so to get my passport from home. I know these names say nothing to those of you who do not live or know anything about Romania, but that means a couple hundreds km of travelling, and I don’t have a car. Neither trains, nor buses, or whatever other public transportation that I could think of would get me home on time and then back to Baicoi, where I had to be by Monday night. Moreover, another thing darkened my appearance. I promised I’d be at school helping with some arrangements and planning, by the time when the kids would be back from holiday to be all set. Of course that would not be possible anymore…

I was soon all stressed out. However, one of the guys who were there offered some help. Happily, he was working by himself and he decided to finish his job earlier next day so he can take me where I had to go. How nice is that ?!? I thanked him a million times. We eventually started driving towards Baicoi that evening, but all I could think of was how beautiful it will be to float on the Dead Sea. Of course I fell asleep smiling. I woke up when we arrived home and I was able to continue my rest in better conditions. The next morning I had to wake up early for the medical check. I went with my host to Campina for that and we kind of spent there the whole morning. When we were finally back, I quickly put some things together and rushed out the door; I didn’t want to make my friend waiting for me, since I was the one helped. Not only that he gave up to half of his working day, but he also let me drive. I was happy about that because I got my driving licence this year, and this would help me with some extra practice. While in US, Google Map became a good friend to me so I didn’t want to let it down right now. He faithfully showed me the way, as always, and after about two-three hours we entered in my home-town, which actually, is a village. I didn’t explain him to much of its history because we had no time for that; we weren’t there for a visit, but only one reason: to get my passport. That’s why I just took my bag, went inside, grabbed the passport, cramped some other summer clothes next to it, and I was back outside in no time. I have to admit, I surprised my friend with my speed:D Anyway, soon we were back on track. I clicked “Start” on the phone and my friend and I were both happy that we’ll have plenty of sleep that night; I personally didn’t expect to be back so soon, so, as I said in the beginning, we just have to embrace and enjoy the little things.

Ok, I was’t honestly talking about me when I said, “plenty of sleep”. Even though I was able to go to bed early that night, the alarm rang earlier still. :)) It was 2:15am and my eyes were struggling to open. They had to. Our plane was early in the morning and I’ve been told that going to Israel requires more time because there are more security checks. Happily we were all in the car, ready to leave the cold weather behind, right on time. When we arrived at the airport, we started with the normal routine. Surprisingly, there were no seven checks as we’ve heard. You guess what that meant, right? We had to wait for another two long hours, at least, when we could have slept just a little bit more, but anyway; I was still happy to have a free vacation in a great destination like Israel. I won’t continue in this article telling you how we arrived, how we waited for three hours for our driver only to find out that he was waiting for us also, but, in another airport (😂), and how we finally arrived somewhere…you’ll find it all out, plus few more things next time.

Oh, I forgot a detail…Did I mention in the beginning that I was recently telling to a friend in a message that I’d like to visit Israel one day? Also, did I, by any chance, say anything about our discussion around the table that rainy Sunday night? If not, allow me, please, to do it now: we were talking about a destination, no plans, just a simple talk about doing something unusual. We were thinking about driving…guess where? To Israel, but then, a realistic opinion about the conflicts around that would not make our trip safe stopped the topic for a while. Silence lasted until my phone rang and the big news came. How great can that be?!? How can I not realise that He’s constantly carrying me? Is it possible not enjoy this type of hug?


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