God’s synchronization is perfect!😉

I do things on the edge: I may change my mind in the last moment, I may decide for something in the last second, I may rush to catch a bus, a train, a plane in the last minute, I go out of the house right on time to jump in a car and leave…did it happen to you too? I don’t like waiting, who does it?

I did quite a lot of travelling lately, due to God Cares School – a precious place for me – (check https://www.facebook.com/godcaresschool/, and/or read my article https://carmenavramblog.wordpress.com/2017/07/30/our-school-a-different-kind-of-presentation/) and one of my latest destinations was London. My friend was working so I went by myself to the airport, heading to my next stop. I bought a train ticket and got in. The cloudy sky and old buildings were little by little passing behind me. After about an hour the train arrived at the airport. One by one, all the passangers were leaving the train and heading towards their gates. Before that, though, a big, long queue was formed in front of the escalator. I realized that only based on your train ticket you may enter the airport, so I checket my pocket and figured out that I had a problem! My ticket was not there!! I have checked my other pocket, my bagpack, my hands, my jeans, my everything, but no ticket was found. I said to myself, “It will be fine, they will understand.” So when I had to display my ticket I just said to the guy in front of me that I lost it and I didn’t know I was going to need it anymore, nobody told me about this check. Instead of a smile, and “Oh, it’s fine!” face, he simply told me that I cannot go without proving him that I had a ticket otherwise I’d have to pay a fee.

Hmm…I didn’t like his options, honestly, so I went back inside the train to check where I’ve been staying hoping I’ll find that piece of paper with a name on it. There was someone with a trash bag collecting the unnecessary things in the train and I assumed my ticket was in his plastic bag. Nevertheless, he told me he hasn’t seen any ticket on his way. I was about to complain, “Is this really happening, God, what should I be learning from this?” I stepped out of the train, kept myself calm and just tried to get over it. I pulled my wallet out to pay the money, the guy asked me some questions like I was a lawbreaker or something, and just before he’d finish completing a sort of paper, I said, “I’ll go have one more look.” He was kind enough to have nothing against my idea and encouraged me to do so. By this time I was actually thinking, “Why is this happening, God? Why do I have to pay a fee if I did have a ticket? I did nothing wrong!!” I entered the door I thought I’ve been sitting, I’ve checked the seats and under and found nothing. I went outside and tried another door, I checked again the seats, under and besides, and there, in between the window and the seat it was the tiny white square paper with an orange line above! I was so happy!! I came out of the train smiling and triumphantly showing the ticket in my hand. Only now the old man believed me that I really had a ticket and allowed me to pass. Another voice caught my attention and made my head turn, “Perfect timing”, he said – the train where my ticket laid for a while was ready to go as well, it left the station while I was heading in the opposite direction toward my gate.

I wasn’t late for my flight this time but life surprised me with a detail that reminded me of a movie remark said by a character once, “God’s synchronization is perfect!” What’s your experience regarding this affirmation?


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