Just a quick note…

I once had a mother; she didn’t live that much so we could create memories together…

8th March…everyone is running everywhere to buy flowers, presents, gifts, and whatever they think of to show appreciation and consideration to the one and only, mother, wife, sister, friend, woman/women in their life.

Life happened somehow and I didn’t have the chance to show my mother that I love her, I don’t even remember her; I only heard others telling beautiful things about her…for many years in my teenage I was thinking that I cannot hug, kiss, or bring a flower to my mum, cause I didn’t have one; I was upset every time when I’d see someone treating her/his mum in a disrespectful way, little did they know what is like not to have her…

Yet, God is good!! I am so blessed, I have four sisters that I love very much. They are not only older sisters for me, but also friends and, why not, mothers. They always care for me and have me as a special guest in their homes. They are ready to listen to me, to teach me and guide me, they pray for me and love me. They are working hard for their own families, they take care of their children, of their spouses, of their homes, their jobs, but, sadly, they are not always aware of their worth…does it sound familiar to you? Do you also forget your worth? I just want to remind my sisters how important they are; (you too!) what significance they brought and continue to bring to their children, their home, how valuable and precious they are, how strong and beautiful, how capable and hard-workers, how attentive and caring!!! (I’m sure you too!)

I also have three brothers. And when I’m saying that I’m blessed, believe me, I know what I’m talking about. I have three wonderful sisters-in-law; we get along as if we were sisters. So what I said before about my sisters, applies to them as well.

And, of course, I am so grateful for all my friends that I still keep in touch with for so many years (especially girls today๐Ÿ˜œ) !! I’m thankful for your time, your patience, your love!! I’m also thankful for all the other women that had a huge role in my life, and helped me become who I am today. I won’t write names here, hopefully they know themselves because I like to believe I expressed my opinion about that on time.โ˜บ๏ธ

Love yourselves more, encourage yourselves often, laugh with all your heart, find the joy in small things and win the energy you need every day, don’t wait it to come from others!!

Yes, I took an advantage of today when they say “It’s about you!!” I wonder, though, is it really only today about you?!?


O scurta remarca…


Am avut si eu candva o mama. Nu a trait suficient insa pentru a crea amintiri impreuna.

8 Martie… toata lumea alearga peste tot sa cumpere mici atentii, cadouri, flori, orice, pentru a-si arata aprecierea fata de femeile din viata lor.

Viata s-a intamplat in asa fel incat eu nu am avut ocazia sa ii arat mamei mele ca o iubesc; nici macar nu-mi amintesc de ea; doar am auzit pe altii vorbind lucruri frumoase despre ea…pentru mai multi ani in adolescenta m-am gandit ca eu nu pot sa-mi imbratisez mama, sa o sarut sau sa-i aduc o floare, nu aveam cui. Eram deranjata de fiecare data cand vedeam pe cineva ca-si trateaza mama nu in cel mai frumos mod – daca ar stii persoana respectiva ce inseamna sa nu aiba mama…


Si totusi, Dumnezeu este bun!!! Sunt binecuvantata sa am patru surori pe care le iubesc foarte mult. Pentru mine nu sunt doar surorile mai mari, ci si prietene, si de ce nu, mame. Intotdeauna le pasa de mine si ma primesc ca un musafir special in caminurile lor. Sunt gata oricand sa ma ajute, sa ma asculte, sa ma sfatuiasca, sa-mi ofere o directie, sa ma invete, se roaga pentru mine si ma iubesc. De asemenea muncesc din greu pentru familiile lor, au grija de copiii lor, de partenerii lor, de casele lor, de locurile de munca, insa, din pacate, nu mereu isi amintesc de valoarea lor… iti suna cunoscut? Ti se intampla si tie sa uiti cat de valoroasa esti? Vreau doar sa le amintesc surorilor mele cat de importante sunt; (si tie!) cata semnificatie au adus si continua sa aduca in viata copiilor lor, in familiile lor, cat de pretuite sunt, cat de puternice si frumoase, cat de harnice si atente, cat de valoroase sunt!! (Sunt convinsa ca si tu esti!!)

Mai am trei frati. Cand spun ca sunt binecuvantata, credeti-ma, stiu ce spun. Am trei cumnate minunate. Ne intelegem extraordinar impreuna. Tot ce am spus despre surorile mele deci se aplica si in dreptul lor.

De asemenea, sunt recunoscatoare pt prietenele mele cu care mentin legatura de ani de zile. Va multumesc pentru timpul, rabdarea si dragostea voastra! Mai departe, vreau sa multumesc tuturor femeilor care au avut un rol, un cuvant de spus in formarea mea. Sper ca le-am spus asta la vremea potrivita si acum se stiu care sunt, ca sa nu incep lista aici.๐Ÿ˜„

Iubiti-va mai mult, incurajati-va mai des, radeti cu pofta si gasiti bucurii marunte la tot pasul; castigati zilnic energia de care aveti nevoie, nu o asteptati de la altii!!

Da, am profitat de ziua de azi cand se spune ca este despre tine, despre sexul feminin, si totusi, ma intreb, doar azi este vorba despre tine?

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