Thougts from the park…

Meaning – such a powerful word, such an important aspect, such a desirable thing…How many times did you wonder about different things’ meaning?

Trees are meant to offer shadow, nest for the birds, they are meant to keep the soil together, to give us oxygen, and why not, even beauty.

Birds are meant to enchant us with their lovely songs and beautiful feathers, to eat what harms trees or animals and so on.

Even a bench is meant to give rest to this life’s wanderer…

When it comes to people, you may think about so many meanings. Some are meant to educate, others to pilot, some are meant to train, others to succeed. Some are meant to sell, cook, make business, create, paint, others to design, sing, play instruments, decorate. You may go on with this loong list; what happens, though, when your sister or your best friend asks you about her/his meaning ? How can you help someone to find his own meaning when nothing fulfils anymore?

When you have an answer for that, you may have just found a new meaning for yourself. πŸ˜‰

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