Get out there and choose happiness!!

It’s been a while since I traveled last time…there are so many things we miss for staying only in one place!! Not that I am the kind of the person who wants to know every single thing that moves around, but today I was surprised by a couple of situations and I thought to share them with you. Are you ready?

So, I woke up early in the morning and started my usual holiday routine: exercise, watering the plants, breakfast, reading… I soon started cleaning and packing up everything since today I will be leaving the place that was my home for the last nine months, not to mention that it has been a home for me previously, for five years. When the time came, I eventually had to leave and wait for the bus to take me somewhere closer to the airport. I am only at 1,200 km away. Before that, though, I will enjoy some days in Swakopmund – “a tiny coastal city in Namibia” – how a local described it. It is a beautiful small town which always makes me delight with every single moment that I spend on the beach or with the beautiful people I know there.

While more passangers were gathering at the check-point – the place where the bus will stop to pick us – I noticed that I know someone. A single mother will be travelling with two little kids in the same bus. I have to admit I was happy our seats were not very close…a whole night with a crying baby is not something to wish for. We soon had to find shelter because of the rain and the police officers were kind enough to let us sit inside with them. The person sitting next to me started a conversation and I found out that he’s been teaching for ten years in three different countries (where I’d love to visit too). He stopped now to do something more exciting (which I never had the chance to find out), but WOW! I thought I was teaching for a long time…too bad I didn’t have time to find out more about his stories since our bus came and we all settled for the long journey ahead of us.

Not long after we departed a sweet little creature came to me and made me understand she wants to hold her in my lap. I don’t know about you, but whenever a child comes to me, just like that, it makes me feel good; it makes me feel special that he/she chose me rather than anyone else around to sit and spend time with. It’s not desirable having to travel for the night and holding a child in your lap too, but I can tell you for sure now, there are some advantages to itπŸ˜‰ In spite of me being concerned that the little girl was comfortable and my arm will not drop her head, it felt so good to feel hur hug whenever she would try a different position and the warmth of her body which helped us both not to freeze because of the air conditioner. I’m pretty sure she had a good sleep, however, since she talked couple of times with the sweetest voice a six years old can have.

Once arrived in Windhoek, I had to wait for another bus to take me to the most desired place – the beach😁 While waiting a man, maybe 50, 60 or something like that, came closer to me and asked me if I would like to consider him a partner and live happily ever after, imagine that!! :)) A short while after, another man, a young one this time, appoached me and asked me to record a video in front of the church where I was wating of couple of his friends when a girl says “You may kiss the bride” and some petals are thrown. They were not dressed for such an event – it was all so random and out of the blue.

Finally, when I arrived in Swakopmund, while the driver was dropping passangers to their different locations and I was waiting for me to reach my destination too, a merry spirit filled the shuttle. Everyone was so happy to meet their loved ones, everyone wished each other well and happy holidays. It was contagious – I became so excited for the three days that I have to spend at the ocean that I completely forgot about the fog which was in my head, the confusion, and the decisions that I have to make…well I did not completely forget, cause I remembered and I asked myself how is that possible. How is it possible to be so happy about the present, and so confused about the unknown future in front of you? I don’t know how but what I know is that I chose to maintain my spirit cheerful and happy, thankful for the present and hopeful for the future. I did not allow the clouds to ruin my day and I enjoyed every moment of it. You should do that from time to time at least, get out there, talk to people, find beautiful stories and be happy!!