God’s synchronization is perfect!πŸ˜‰

I do things on the edge: I may change my mind in the last moment, I may decide for something in the last second, I may rush to catch a bus, a train, a plane in the last minute, I go out of the house right on time to jump in a car and leave…did it happen to you too? I don’t like waiting, who does it? Continue reading “God’s synchronization is perfect!πŸ˜‰”


On top of the world, now what?

Nowadays, everyone is looking for success, a lot of money, a big and beautiful house, a great car and a gorgeous partner as well, right? Or maybe we can skip the last part since we can be totally happy on our own, correct? Well, imagine that you have all that!! Let’s make an exercise and add a few real details;) Continue reading “On top of the world, now what?”