Just one of those days…

Long day, ha? Tell me about it…I woke up at 4;30 a.m., I had to travel for about two hours and then start working. It wasn’t really a big deal what I had to do, you might say, “That’s nothing, just cleaning the house.” Yet, when that house is so big that only vacuuming takes you approximately two to three hours, ‘nothing’ quickly changes into ‘quite something’ :)) Continue reading “Just one of those days…”

On top of the world, now what?

Nowadays, everyone is looking for success, a lot of money, a big and beautiful house, a great car and a gorgeous partner as well, right? Or maybe we can skip the last part since we can be totally happy on our own, correct? Well, imagine that you have all that!! Let’s make an exercise and add a few real details;) Continue reading “On top of the world, now what?”