Intrebari intrebatoare 😁

De ce ai renunta la jobul tau si la un venit stabil ca sa mergi la celalalt capat al lumii?!? Nu e periculos cu atatia serpi, scorpioni si alte creaturi prin jur? Ce o sa faci acolo, cum va fi, vom putea tine legatura, cand te intorci?

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Our school – a different kind of presentation!

Here is Ndaki!


He’s such a funny boy, young man already!! He pushes your limits and tries your patience as much as possible, BUT, he also makes you laugh, he makes others laugh, and he’s absolutely able to improve one’s day! 😊 He has the most curious questions ever! If I’m not mistaken, he’s about 16, so you may literally think about anything!! 😄 Continue reading “Our school – a different kind of presentation!”

That’s the spirit!!

Meet Ella. She’s 2 years old. I met her two weeks ago. I was around her only few hours for some days and I already like her a lot!! Somehow she reminds me of another girl who, in the meantime changed in many ways, even though it wasn’t necessary the best thing to do, but that’s another story. Continue reading “That’s the spirit!!”